Our Sailboats

“Using the right tool for the right job makes all the difference.”

Not all sailboats are made the same. At Sailing Fanatics we believe that boats designed specially for learn to sail are are essential to a great learn to sail experience.

At Sailing Fanatics we use RS Sailing sailboats. These sailboats are simple, spacious for adults, fun but forgiving. They are great for everyone from beginner to advanced, offering just the right amount of challenge for everyone.

Pay as you sail - Use our sailboats

We offer one of the best value options to use sailboats in Toronto. The easiest way to access our sailboats is to take a class with us. You’ll automatically be eligible to pay as you sail after you complete CANSail 1.

When can I use a sailboat?

Our sailboats are available for pay as you sail on Tuesday evenings, Thursday evenings and Saturdays during the day.

How much does it cost?

If you pay per session it costs $25 +tax per person for 3 hours of sailing in the Outer Harbour. You can also buy a great value pass that allows you to make unlimited bookings for our full season or 30 days.

Do I need to bring someone to sail with?

You can and we have many people come to pay as you sail by themselves. We pair sailors to sail together or you can use our single person boat.

Who can pay as you sail?

If you take lessons with Sailing Fanatics and achieve your CANSail 1 qualification you’re automatically eligible to sign up for pay as you sail.

If you took sailing lessons at another club or school, learned when you were younger, taught yourself and you want to sail here in Toronto, you’re welcome but might need to do a private lesson or class to refresh your skills. If this is you, we recommend sending us an e-mail before you sign up.

Is this a class?

This is not a class and an instructor will not be available to teach you. For this session you should feel confident and competent rigging a sailboat, launching that boat, sailing away from the dock, tacking, gybing, sailing upwind, righting a capsized boat, returning to the dock under control, recovering the boat and de-rigging with minimal instructor supervision. An instructor is available to answer questions and will supervise this session but is not available to teach you. If you are not sure if pay as you sail is right for you please contact us.

Are there any rules?

Yes, we do have some expectations.

  • Return to the dock a minimum of 20 minutes before the end of the session to de-rig, returning late will incur an additional charge;

  • Sail in the Outer Harbour only (do not sail past Cherry Beach) and within sight of a Sailing Fanatics instructor;

  • Any damage will incur an additional charge for repair;

  • Guests with no sailing experience or qualifications must crew only.

RS Neo single person sailboat - available for pay as you go sailing Toronto

RS Neo single person sailboat - available for pay as you go sailing Toronto

RS Quest two person sailboat - available for pay as you go rental in Toronto

RS Quest two person sailboat - available for pay as you go rental in Toronto