What's next for me?

You’ve finished CANSail 2 and you’re keen to keep sailing, so what’s next? Here’s some suggestions:

Go sailing

Yup, simple. Get out on the water and go sailing. I strongly recommend taking some time to practice and enjoy sailing. Practice helps you get more comfortable and confident. You should feel very confident with what you have learned before moving onto the next level. This will allow you to get the most out of a class. If you’re still practicing basic skills then you won’t have the capacity to learn something new. It’s best to invest time and effort in practice then any money you spend on the next level will be well spent.

Use our sailboats for “pay as you sail” to get more practice - you can “pay as you sail” right after CANSail 1.


Use our sailboats and CANSail 3 at Sailing Fanatics

Take CANSail 2

If you took CANSail 1 and now you want to know more or build your confidence then we recommend signing up for CANSail 2. This second level fills in some of the blanks. Those who take CANSail 2 often leave with a big boost in their confidence and enthusiasm for sailing. I call it the “independence” level because we’re training you to be able to sail without any coach supervision.

Enroll in CANSail 3

Feeling really good about sailing by yourself? If you’ve spent time out on the water sailing without any coach supervision and returned to the dock without assistance, you’re ready for CANSail 3! The third CANSail level teaches some more advanced sailing skills and introduces racing. You’ll start to think about sailing more efficiently and going fast all the time. Topics include:

  • More practice with coaching to refine your skills;

  • Controlling your sail shape;

  • Efficient acceleration and deceleration;

  • Turning the boat without the rudder;

  • Sailing with a spinnaker;

  • What a race looks like and participating in one.

Sailing with a spinnaker - Sailing Fanatics sailing school Toronto

Join the club and crew in a sailboat

This is a great addition to those things listed above. We’re part of the Outer Harbour Centerboard Club (OHCC) in Toronto. The club has members who own sailboats and often they need crew. Tuesday evening at OHCC is race night. If you attend on a Tuesday evening you can often try to find a ride in a sailboat as the crew for that evenings race. You may even meet someone who needs a crew for the entire season.

I have written a separate post about the benefits of being part of OHCC - FIND OUT MORE ⇒

Tom Winskell