2019 has arrived - why learn to sail?

2019 is here and that means summer is getting closer every day. Registration for Sailing Fanatics 2019 learn to sail group classes and try sailing events is open!

We know there are many sports out there. So, why learn to sail?

So you can dock a boat like Captain Ron - just watch the video. Who doesn’t want to know how to dock a boat like this and pull it off. Even if you’re sailing in Toronto, we believe being able to sail and getting out on the water on a long week makes you a badass.

Being one step closer to the Caribbean sailing dream - Learn to sail in Toronto and then you know what it’s all about before you go. There’s really something for everyone in a sailing trip to the Caribbean. I think it’s really hard to ignore the appeal of endless beaches, beautiful sunsets, rum, swimming, snorkeling, beautiful boats, creatures of all manner. Prior knowledge makes it easier to find a place as crew, charter a boat and gives you confidence in any sailing endeavor.

It’s relaxing, quiet, outside and fun PLUS Toronto from the water is beautiful - do I need to say anymore? Toronto really is beautiful from the water. We get some amazing sunsets. July and August are really warm. I mean 40 degrees in the city. By the water it’s more like 30 degrees. It’s so nice. You get to be outside with a friend or friends. There’s little noise because the Outer Harbour is surrounded by park land. It’s basically awesome! Amazing! A top class way to spend a summer or more than one!

Sunset sailing learn to sail Toronto
Tom Winskell