This year I will be replacing some of our older sailboats. One of the RS Vision and two of our RS Feva sailboats are for sale. Both the RS Vision and Feva are plastic all purpose boats making them extremely low maintenance and very durable. These sailboats will last well into the future and despite being sailing school boats they have been very well maintained. Any broken parts or worn out lines have always been replaced and required repairs have always been completed.

The RS Vision is a two or three person sailboat that is an excellent sailboat for many different purposes. It is at home as a day sailor that you could keep at the cottage or sailing club for recreational or pleasure sailing. It is a stable platform that suits beginners through to intermediate sailor. Non sailors can also feel comfortable in the simple enclosed cockpit. The RS Vision also has excellent performance with a well designed hull and rig that gives the boat the ability to gain great speed in stronger winds. Instructors at Sailing Fanatics often use our RS Visions for personally blasting around the Outer Harbor but we also use these boats with absolute beginners. It truly is a versatile sailboat that will not disappoint.

The RS Vision for sale has a small professionally repaired puncture to the hull at the bow. The repair is solid and has been in place with no issues for 2 seasons now. This boat comes with a main sail and jib, dolly for moving the boat around your club or cottage and a cover. All hardware and lines are in good condition. This boat is ready to go! We are asking $9,000 including all the above options and tax.

The RS Feva is another excellent all purpose sailboat that offers flexibility, durability and an exciting ride. Designed primarily for junior (under 18) sailors to be both manageable but perform in stronger winds. The boat has 3 sails: mainsail, jib and spinnaker. Huge fleets of RS Feva sailboats exist in Europe and the boat is growing in popularity in Canada as well. Small fleets of RS Feva sailboats are dropping into many clubs in the GTA and further afield. The boat could also be sailed by an adult and a small junior sailor or just an adult alone. The RS Feva is another versatile cottage or sailing club boat that will last for many years to come.

We are offering for sale 2 RS Feva sailboats. These boats are in excellent condition with no defects or repairs. All hardware, foils and lines are in excellent condition. Each boat has 3 sails: main, jib and spinnaker. This price does include the cover. A dolly can be added / negotiated for additional cost. These 2 sailboats are ready to go for your cottage, sailing club or school. We are looking for $6,500 including everything but the dolly.