Fleet use at Sailing Fanatics


Anyone with CANSail 1, equivalent or higher can choose a Sailing Fanatics fleet user package and take advantage of our modern, exciting and easy to use sailboats.



If you have completed a learn to sail course or have sailing experience you can use our sailboats. Sailing Fanatics offers fleet use packages to anyone with a CANSail 1, equivalent or a higher qualification.

Leave maintenance, storage and insurance to us. Just pay for Sailing Fanatics fleet use and use our sailboats.


1. Join our host club

To get access to the Sailing Fanatics fleet you must be a member of our host club. Use the buttons below to find out more, including prices.

Outer Harbour Centerboard Club

Outer Harbour Centerboard Club or OHCC is an affordable cottage club in Toronto. Find out more about OHCC by clicking here. You will need to purchase associate membership on their site. Costs vary depending on if you are a returning or first year member:

  • first year member – $75 including HST
  • returning member – $150 including HST

Join OHCC here


2. Now choose your qualification or skill level

I have my CANSail 1 or equivalent

Benefits of Sailing Fanatics Fleet Use include:

*subject to availability, booking required

^subject to availability, we make sure to recruit adequate numbers of skipper and crew but you must contact other Sailing Fanatics fleet users to sail

I have my CANSail 2, or higher, or equivalent

Benefits of Sailing Fanatics Fleet Use include:

  • find someone to sail with using our Fleet User e-mail list;
  • access to our single person RS Feva sailboats;
  • access to our online sailboat booking system – reserve a sailboat any day of the week between 9am and 9pm*;
  • unlimited Thursday evening social sailing drop in^;
  • each Fleet User package may include use of our sailboats by you and one under 18, subject to the rules and regulations outlined in the waiver form;
  • access to host club facilities.

*subject to availability, booking required, excludes Thursday 6pm to 9pm

^subject to availability, booking required


3. Read fleet user rules and agree to our waiver

You must read and sign our waiver form to sail. We must have a waiver form on file for you to sail a Sailing Fanatics sailboat.

Every time you book a Sailing Fanatic’s sailboat you agree to follow the fleet use policy here.

Additional information

What qualification do you have?

CANSail 1 or equivalent, CANSail 2, equivalent or higher


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