CANSail 3 at Sailing Fanatics

Register for level 3 to learn new advanced and refine your current sailing skills. We will get you out in a sailboat, watch what you are doing and correct when necessary. We’ll also teach you new skills that will help you have even better control, competence and confidence on the water.

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Experience has shown us that you need to be a competent CANSail 2 sailor to get the most out of a CANSail 3 course. We recommend joining Sailing Fanatics as a fleet user to practice and refresh your skills before taking CANSail 3.

CANSail 3 is for those who have completed CANSail 2 and/or have some sailing experience. It is suitable for anyone who:

  • has completed our intermediate (CANSail 2) class;
  • can rig a sailboat, tack, gybe, sail upwind and recover a capsized sailboat with very little instruction or supervision;
  • wants to feel more control, competence and therefore confidence on the water in a sailboat.

If you’re in doubt then contact us.


In this course you get lots of on water sailing experience and some coaching to correct your current skills. We refine our CANSail 2 skills, define some new concepts and ways of thinking about a sailboat. Lessons taught include:

  • adjusting sail shape using sail controls;
  • more coaching and refining sail trim, boat trim and heel, direction and centerboard position;
  • using heel to assist when turning a sailboat;
  • stopping and starting more precisely and efficiently;
  • sailing slow;
  • an introduction to racing;

All of our courses have an emphasis on practical skills. We will spend as much time as possible on the water.

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Saturday 9, 16, 23 Sep (10am to 5pm)