CANSail 2 at Sailing Fanatics

Register for the level 2 group class at Sailing Fanatics to gain greater skill and control over a sailboat. We add to and improve on what you know or have learned in our start sailing group class. At the end of the class our aim is for you to be able to sail without the supervision of an instructor.

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CANSail 2 is for those still learning to sail that want to sail independent of an instructor. It is suitable for anyone who:

  • has completed our start sailing (CANSail 1) class;
  • can rig a sailboat, tack, gybe, sail upwind and recover a capsized sailboat;
  • wants to use our sailboats or sail by themselves without an instructor supervising.

If you’re in doubt then contact us.


In this course you get lots of practical on water sailing experience and coaching to correct any issues. We refine our CANSail 1 skills, define new maneuvers and cover more safety procedures. Lessons taught include:

  • the 5 essential sailing tips. Course or steering, sail trim, heel and boat trim plus use of the centreboard;
  • how to recover an inverted sailboat;
  • stopping and starting;
  • heading up and bearing off;
  • greater control and precision in a greater┬árange of wind conditions;
  • coming alongside or leaving a dock, dealing with a person who fell overboard.

All of our courses have an emphasis on practical skills. We will spend as much time as possible on the water.

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Saturday June 12, 2018, Monday July 9, 2018, Sunday September 16, 2018


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