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If you have never been sailing before or want to learn to sail this is where you should start. Our start sailing or CANSail 1 course will get you out on the water to learn all of the basics. We spend as much time on the  water as we possibly can and provide all the special equipment you need.

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Is CANSail 1 Suitable for you?

CANSail 1 is suitable for you if you are:

  • NEW to sailing and have never sailed before;
  • haven’t sailed for 2-5 years and need a refresher on the basics;
  • want to improve your basic sailing skills and gain confidence;

If you’re in doubt then contact us.


In this CANSail 1 learn to sail course we teach you how to prepare to go sailing, sail in every single direction and some very basic safety procedures. Lessons will include:

  • how to rig a sailboat from start to finish;
  • tacking and gybing in a sailboat;
  • launching and recovering a sailboat under supervision;
  • sailing upwind and downwind (sailing in every direction to a really basic level);
  • recovering a capsized sailboat (yes you have to go in the water).

Independent Study

This course involves some independent study – we give you the materials to learn the following in your own time:

  • knots – bowline, figure 8 and double fisherman knot;
  • parts of a sailboat.

All of our courses have an emphasis on practical skills. We will spend as much time as possible on the water.

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Start date

Tuesday May 22, 2018, Wednesday May 23, 2018, Saturday May 26, 2018


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