Did you go to the Outdoor Adventure Show Toronto? If you didn’t you and you’re looking for great ideas on activities in the Toronto area and beyond then make sure you add it to your schedule for next year. The show featured a whole range of adventures and travel experiences. For me it was a great opportunity to refresh my memory on sports and destinations I have been dreaming about. Skydiving, white water canoeing, learning to ride a motorcycle or taking a first aid course.

I was surprise at the breadth of the show with not only local adventures but a ton of information on where to take yourself on your next travel adventure. From the Northwest Territories and the Yukon to further afield with G Adventures and destinations or tours in Africa or Asia. There were so many different options and exhibitors that it would be hard to imagine that there isn’t something at the show to interest everyone.

If you have a young people with you or you like to be able to engage in an activity at the show there’s also options for you. There was a climbing wall, a diving tank and three stages with what seemed to be almost constant presentations on different travel destinations and adventures. Altogether the show was an excellent way to spend my Sunday, I will definitely be coming back next year and I would recommend you do to!


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