We offer classes for every budget, schedule and level.

  • Classes are run by passionate, experienced and skilled instructors.

  • Each class is no more than 12 people so everyone can get the individual attention they need.

  • Unlike others, we prioritize time on the water over theory in a classroom.

  • All of our classes are active with the possibility of a swim!

Learn to sail classes at Sailing Fanatics sailing school Toronto

Try Sailing

$55 +tax

Bring a friend or your whole family and find out what sailing is all about.

Take a short 30-45 minutes land lesson, then sail a small 2-3 person sailboat in our beautiful Toronto Outer Harbour location. In total this class lasts for approx. 3 hours.

Instructors teach the lesson on land and then coach from their own boat when you go out on the water. It sounds daunting to sail a boat without the instructor onboard with you. However, the lesson taught gives you confidence and the instructor is very close on the water offering help and guidance.

This is a unique and enjoyable experience that’s like nothing else in Toronto!

Looking to book for a group? Book now using the button at the top or bottom of this page, then choose a date already offered and the number of participants. If you’re a group of 12-18+ then contact us.

Try sailing adventure experience group learn to sail Toronto
Sailing Fanatics - start sailing with CANSail 1 learn to sail beginner sailing class to learn to basics of sailing

Start sailing

CANSail 1

$335 +tax

If you have never been sailing before and want to learn to sail this is where you should start. This is a group learn to sail class for beginners.

Our start sailing or CANSail 1 course will get you out on the water to learn all of the basics. We spend as much time on the water as we possibly can and provide all the special equipment you need. Approx. 15 hours divided into evenings or weekends.


  • NEW to sailing and have never sailed before;

  • haven't sailed for 2-5 years and need a refresher on the basics;

  • want to improve your basic sailing skills and gain confidence;


In this CANSail 1 learn to sail course we teach you how to prepare to go sailing, sail in every single direction and some very basic safety procedures. Lessons will include:

  • how to rig a sailboat from start to finish;

  • tacking and gybing in a sailboat;

  • launching and recovering a sailboat under supervision;

  • sailing upwind and downwind (sailing in every direction to a really basic level);

  • recovering a capsized sailboat (yes you have to go in the water).

Sailing Fanatics - learn to sail with CANSail 2 beginner intermediate sailing class in Toronto gain confidence and sailing skill

Next steps

CANSail 2

$275 +tax

Register for CANSail 2 to gain greater skill and control over a sailboat. This is a group class for intermediate sailors.

We add to and improve on what you know or have learned in our start sailing CANSail 1 group class. At the end of the class our aim is for you to be able to sail without the supervision of an instructor. Approx. 12 hours divided into evenings or weekends.


Anyone who has:

  • completed our start sailing (CANSail 1) class;

  • OR can rig a sailboat, tack, gybe, sail upwind and recover a capsized sailboat;

  • OR wants to use our sailboats or sail by themselves without an instructor supervising.


In this course you get lots of practical on water sailing experience and coaching to correct any issues. We refine our CANSail 1 skills, define new maneuvers and cover more safety procedures. Lessons taught include:

  • the 5 essential sailing tips. Course or steering, sail trim, heel and boat trim plus use of the centerboard;

  • how to recover an inverted sailboat;

  • stopping and starting;

  • heading up and bearing off;

  • greater control and precision in a greater range of wind conditions;

  • coming alongside or leaving a dock, dealing with a person who fell overboard.


What’s next?

  • Racing?

  • CANSail 3?

  • Refresher?

With sailing there’s always something new to learn or a new challenge. If you’re looking for the next challenge then contact us with your questions and we’ll be happy to help.

We offer limited availability for private lessons. Private lessons are an excellent opportunity to get custom coaching specially designed for you and your skill level or knowledge.

It’s also worth reading our sailing blog as we often talk about the different options available in Toronto for aspiring sailors!

Sailing Fanatics - CANSail 3 intermediate advanced learn to sail fast and race in Toronto greater skill and confidence