Questions people have before they sign up

Who can learn to sail?

Almost anyone can learn to sail. You should be able to move around easily and have a full range of motion. If you exercise regularly then you will have no problem learning to sail. We also suggest that you are comfortable in or around water. Our instructors are...

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Is sailing dangerous?

Sailing is an adventurous sport. There are risks involved. However, we can take steps to minimize risk making the sport more enjoyable and less dangerous. We recommend: always wearing a life jacket or personal flotation device that is approved by the Department of...

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Weekend or weeknight learn to sail?

It depends on your schedule and on your personal preference. Both options are great value, give you the same qualification, the same amount of instruction time. Weeknight courses - one evening per week from 6pm to 9pm, offers a slower pace because teaching happens...

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CANSail or cruising?

Whatever your goal, we recommend that your first sailing course is a CANSail course. A dinghy sailing course focuses on purely sailing. You will therefore finish a CANSail course with a deeper understanding of how to actually sail. If you take basic cruising you will...

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Is sailing a sport?

Sailing can be a sport, a hobby, a competition or recreation. In short it can be many things. It can be physically demanding and it can also be relaxing. It definitely isn't boring that's for sure. Our courses are: just the right amount of physical. You'll feel like...

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Questions before starting your sailing course

There’s a thunderstorm warning. Should I still turn up?

During the summer the Weather Network forecasts thunderstorms almost every day, however, 90% of these thunderstorms never appear. When they forecast they forecast for a very large area. A thunderstorm warning for Toronto could mean thunder clouds over Etobicoke or...

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What is your refund policy?

If you contact us within 5 days from your date of registration for a course we are happy to process a full refund for you. After 5 days from registration we can transfer you to another course on a case by case basis. It is not possible for us to transfer you to...

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Do I need to bring food or drink to my course?

There is not a restaurant or bar on site. However, we have a small kitchen with refrigerator. We therefore encourage all those on weekend courses to bring a packed lunch with them. Please bring a reusable water bottle to refill on site. We definitely suggest that...

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What clothing or equipment do I need to bring?

Always be prepared to go out on the water and get wet from the first session You will need: clothing that can get wet and a change of clothes. Sports clothing is great. An extra sweater is nice to have; shoes that protect your toes and can get wet; a rain jacket is...

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