What does Sailing Fanatics stand for?

I believe Sailing Fanatics provides an exceptional experience for our customers. I will personally continue to make this our mission. Instructors at Sailing Fanatics are professionals, excellent at teaching sailing and doing whatever it takes to help every student learn to sail. We work hard to make sure every student’s needs are supported and that every student smiles or laughs often.

Much hard work and thought has gone into creating well structured learn to sail programs that help students progress as quickly as possible. As much time as possible is spent on the water in a sailboat working on practical sailing skills. We teach on land only when necessary, keeping land lessons short and to the point.

From the first lesson, it is crucial to teach as though a student is aiming to sail independent of any instructor. As Sailing Fanatics instructors we strive to give each student the skills and understanding to take responsibility for themselves and their equipment. Training skilled sailors who are able to think independently to care for themselves is one of our core values.

Sailing Fanatics and instructors actively look for opportunities to challenge sailors in our programs. Young sailors in our summer program often take part in races with other local clubs, sail in big conditions beyond the protection of the Outer Harbour and embark on some epic sailing adventures. Adult sailors are sailing independently more often with the peace of mind that a qualified instructor is on hand should they need it.

As Gordie Budning, lead instructor of the summer Sailing Fanatics young sailor program put it. At Sailing Fanatics you; “do your best, face your fears and work as a team”. At Sailing Fanatics this is truly our thinking and all of these elements feature in some way in our programs. I believe that Sailing Fanatics is about more than just teaching people to sail. We provide an experience that is unique in asking people to deal with the adversity of learning a new skill outside of their comfort zone. Every year I’m excited to help more people take to the water and try sailing for the first time!

Tom Winskell

Owner, operator, coach, sailor

Sailing Fanatics

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