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A modern and exciting sailing school in Toronto

At Sailing Fanatics we pride ourselves in offering lots of on water practical time, personal feedback from experienced instructors and a professional but fun atmosphere. All of this combined means you become a better sailor quicker and have a lot of fun in the process!

Our business is helping you learn to sail

Sailing Fanatics offers a variety of different learn to sail or try sailing options, a social community on, advice at anytime and the ability to continue sailing with us without owning a boat.

Sailing is seriously fun

We believe that sailing should be fun, seriously fun! That’s why we invest in our equipment. Our modern, well maintained sailboats and equipment keep you happy, comfortable and safe. We provide wetsuits and life vests. Our sailboats are RS Sailboats, top class, easy to handle with exceptional speed and performance!

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The right advice

We consider ourselves to be more than just a sailing school. Sailing Fanatics is a team of passionate sailors and instructors. As a team we spend hours on the water, just sailing. That’s how we can talk with authority on all things sailing. It means we can give you the right advice when you need it. It also means we care because this is our passion, we are literally fanatics!

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Professional and personal

We are proud of what we do and commit to our students. Teaching sailing is what we do best. Our instructors are professional Sail Canada coaches with experience. This means you get fantastic instruction. Small class sizes mean we can focus on a great experience for you. All of these ingredients put together equal success and more fun for you!

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My wife, my son, and I have just completed the CanSail 1 (intro) course. I would not hesitate to recommend Sailing Fanatics to anyone considering learning to sail…

Jim Streb

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