A learn to sail class at Sailing Fanatics sailing school in Toronto sailing RS Visions

A modern and exciting sailing school in Toronto

At Sailing Fanatics we pride ourselves in offering lots of on water practical time, personal feedback from experienced instructors and a professional but fun atmosphere. All of this combined means you become a better sailor quicker and have a lot of fun in the process!

Our business is helping you learn to sail

Sailing Fanatics offers a variety of different learn to sail or try sailing options, a social community on Meetup.com, advice at anytime and the ability to continue sailing with us without owning a boat.

Learn to sail and sailing lessons at Sailing Fanatics sailing school

Start sailing with CANSail 1

If you have never been sailing before or want to learn to sail this is where you should start. Our start sailing or CANSail 1 sailing lessons will get you out on the water to learn to sail fast. We spend as much time on the water as we possibly can and provide all the special equipment you need.

Gain independence CANSail 2

Take more sailing lessons with CANSail 2 and improve your sailing skills. We get you out on the water more, give you greater understanding and teach you better control of your sailboat. This is the course you need to complete and pass if you want to be a skipper.

Sailing Fanatics is a proud member of Sail Canada and Ontario Sailing offering CANSail qualifications.

Every registration on a group learn to sail course INCLUDES a Sail Canada CANSail fee.